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Orb-3 Drain Enzymes

SKU: F438-000-1Q
Type: Orb-3 Specialty

Keep drains free flowing and odor free with Orb-3 Drain Enzymes. Formulated with a special blend of surfactants and 100% active enzymes. This cleaner will not harm drains, PVC pipes, or septic systems.


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Use for:

  • Effective disposal cleaner & deodorizer
  • Beneficial for drain lines & septic systems
  • Kitchen sink grease
  • Grease traps
  • Treats any slow drains


  • Accelerates breakdown of grease & odor causing contaminants
  • Prevents exceeding tank or mound capacity prematurely
  • Minimizes pumping frequency
  • Reduces buildup in drainfield lines
  • Safe for ground water
  • Caustic, Phosphate, & solvent free

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Quart Bottle

Volume: 32 oz

Ship Weight: 2.4 lb


Gallon Jug

Volume: 128 oz

Ship Weight: 8.9 lb


5-Gallon Pail

Volume: 5 Gallons

Ship Weight: 44 lb


15-Gallon Drum

Volume: 15 Gallons

Ship Weight: 135 lb


55-Gallon Drum

Volume: 55 Gallons

Ship Weight: 135 lb



Usage Rate

Residential Drains: 2oz per week for systems under 1000 gallons. Mix with 1 gal of fresh water & add to system

Private Utility/Commercial Systems: 8oz per week per 1000 gal. Mix with 5 gal of fresh water & add to system at low flow period or use a feed system to regularly add product.

Drainfield Opener: 20oz per 150 sq ft of drainfield area. Mix with 10 gal fresh water & spray topically; then spray with water until soil is fully saturated. Repeat as needed.


Follow usage rate for each application. Dilute with hot water (105° – 115°F) when possible. When starting this product, jump start a system by adding a second dose in the first week.

For Best Results

Run hot water for 60 seconds before pouring mixture down the drain. Maintenance treatment is to be done at closing or low-flow period. Use more frequently for slow drains or for excess grease in drainline.


Tan liquid

Active Ingredients

Orb-3® Drain Enzymes is a proprietary composition “not considered hazardous” under the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard CFR Title 29 1910.1200

Shelf Life

Store this product out of direct sunlight in a cool dry area. For best results, use within 12 months. 

HMIS Hazard Rating



TSCA Inventory Status: This product and/or all of its components are either included on or exempt from the TSCA Inventory of Chemical Substances.

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Are enzyme drain cleaners safe? + -

Are enzyme drain cleaners safe?

What is an enzyme drain cleaner? + -

What is an enzyme drain cleaner?

How to use enzyme drain cleaners? + -

How to use enzyme drain cleaners?


Orb-3 Drain Enzymes increases solids reduction in drains, septic tanks, and mounds to prevent drainfield backups by digesting grease, food, and feces. By accelerating the natural remediation process, Orb-3 Drain Enzymes is the safe chemical free supplement for your system.

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