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    With segmentation reports you'll know which inbound channels are performing the best.

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    An optimized funnel means more customers by letting you target the right message to the right leads.

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    Execute on your marketing campaigns with the peace of mind that everything is being tracked and measured.

Add a New Product and Grow Sales to Current Customers

Whether you’ve been working with us for many years or you’re new to Great Lakes Bio Systems, know that we are committed to the continuous improvement of our processes and product offering.

We manufacture natural products that are measurably consistent - batch after batch. This ensures that your Orb-3 product or raw material will perform just as reliably as the last one did.

Enzyme Concentrates

High quality formulations for pools, spas, lakes, ponds, and other applications ready for you to bottle.

Specialty Concentrates

Bulk quantities of fully stabilized concentrates ready to dilute or use for commercial applications and industrial or municipal wastewater treatment.

Cleaner Concentrates

The power of enzymes and a highly effective surfactant package. Just add your label & packaging!

Bacterial Concentrates

Application-specific, stabilized blends ready to dilute & bottle or add to your formulations.

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