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COVID-19 Prevention Policy

updated 12 /02/21

Great Lakes Bio Systems is taking precautions and following governmental directives to address COVID-19 by immediately informing staff of the CDC effort to flatten the curve, as well as keeping abreast of the ever-changing requirements, recommendations and best practices.  In early March 2020, we increased cleaning frequency in the facility, implemented daily sanitation of high-touch surfaces and sent any employee home with pay if they showed signs of illness. Shortly thereafter, non-essential employees were asked to work from home which minimized the on-site workforce to less than half. Those essential onsite employees have separate work areas and continue to practice extensive social distancing.

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As many states are introducing a phased approach to reopening their respective areas, Great Lakes Bio Systems is mapping the playbook for our office and employees. We have been operating through this shutdown with precautions and realize there isn't a one-size-fits-all game plan as we pivot to our "new normal."  COVID-19 prevention and mitigation will be a longer term endeavor and we are focusing to ensure worker well-being via:  

  • Communication & Employee Concerns - We will continue posting clear and consistent internal communications regarding policy changes. We routinely stress employee safety while at work and for those employees returning from work, we recognize there may be some stress in the transition back to the workplace. Our company insurance plan offers no-charge tools for these employees. 

  • Cleaning and PPE – We are maintaining this level of cleaning and sanitation and are in the process of determining what workplace PPE options make sense for when our employees transition back into the workplace. 

  • Remote Possibilities – The last few weeks required quick thinking and resourcefulness. Long term, we will evaluate what functions can still be accomplished remotely just as efficiently as in person. We have the ability to stagger shifts and we may utilize that option in the future. 

  • Minimizing Touch-Points – We are continuing toward a "less paper" system where possible; we have enrolled more customers in direct deposit and have been making ACH vendor payments to minimize check handling by a person. 

  • Distancing –  In addition to the social distancing we are doing with in-house staff, our reps have adapted their sales strategies around email, phone and video meetings and we encourage our vendors to do the same. To best serve our local customers, we offer a smooth pre-pay with curbside pickup process. 

Great Lakes Bio Systems products are essential to critical businesses, including pool, pond and wastewater treatment service professionals, as well as supplying animal feed supplements for agriculture and aquaculture. We are committed to staying open, serving our core customers and shipping all orders on-time. We do this while supporting the efforts of our employees, as well as the service providers we rely on, to stay safe and remain healthy for the duration of the COVID-19 recovery. 

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.


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