Solving water quality issues for professionals and consumers with eco-friendly treatments.

Whether you are searching for a “green” alternative for your formula, a turn-key line of proven products, eco-friendly technologies for your commercial service business, or a strong retail offering, Orb-3 will put nature’s technology to work for you.

Experience the difference. Whether you’ve been working with us for many years or you’re new to Great Lakes Bio Systems, know that we stand ready to fulfill our commitment to you. We are committed to manufacturing natural products that perform consistently - batch after batch - ensuring that whenever you buy an Orb-3 product you can rest easy knowing that it will perform just as reliably as the last one did.


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  • In the proper environment, natural solutions offer a very effective chemical alternative.

    What constitutes a Friendly Environment for natural solutions? While the definition varies a bit by application, here is an overview:

    TIME Maximize the hold time or the time Orb-3 Enzymes come in contact with what needs to be treated.

    TEMPERATURE 40° - 110°F will not denature Orb-3 Enzyme Technology or natural bacteria. Bacteria become very active at...

  • Enzymes are fundamental components of all living organisms. These inexhaustible bio-catalysts can improve the effectiveness of and even replace very large quantities of man-made chemicals that stream into our environment every second. Broad based enzyme fermentations are highly efficient, sustainable solutions to healthier water, affordable food, cleaner processing and manufacturing, improved chemical efficiency. This mindfulness of environmental impact is necessary for growing...

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