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What are enzymes. Orb-3 Enzymes for lake and pond, pools and spas, cleaners, industrial process optimizers

What are Enzymes and What Do They Do?

Enzymes are fundamental components of all living organisms. These inexhaustible bio-catalysts can improve the effectiveness of and even replace very large quantities of man-made chemicals that stream into our environment every second. Broad based enzyme fermentations are highly efficient, sustainable solutions to healthier water, affordable food, cleaner processing and manufacturing, improved chemical efficiency. This mindfulness of environmental impact is necessary for growing populations around the globe.

What are Orb-3 Enzymes composed of. Broad based enzyme fermentations for clean, clear, healthy water

Orb-3 Products harness the power of enzymes and pair them with complimentary ingredients that are derived from nature. Orb-3 Solutions include product lines for Lakes & Ponds to starve algae, sludge buildup and turbidity; Pools & Spas to treat cloudy water, high phosphates, water line buildup and chemical misuse; and Specialty which include cleaners and industrial process optimizers.

Most enzyme types breakdown large, water-insoluble soils and stains into smaller, more water-soluble pieces. Subsequently, the smaller molecules are removed from a surface by some mechanical action or by the interaction of other detergent ingredients. The enzyme does not lose its functionality after having worked on one stain, soil or contaminant and continues to work on the next suitable one available.

  • Enzymatic activity is immediate
  • Chemical application frequency can be reduced
  • Efficiency of any chemicals used in greatly improved
  • Heat resistant to temperatures as high as 150º F
  • Effective at pH ranging between 3.5 – 9.5
  • Cleaves fatty acid carbon chains without allowing them to reform
  • Multi-enzyme blend trouble-shoots most any organic bioremediation

Enzymes essentially catalyze chemical reactions; whether those reactions occur on a surface to be cleaned, in a pool, spa or pond to achieve water clarity, in a healthy water body or waste stream as well as those necessary to sustain life.

All living organisms depend on enzymes to enable energy-releasing reactions. These reactions synthesize biological activity along an incredible spectrum; from the degradation of organic contaminant all the way to functioning as the building blocks for cells. Orb-3 Products are part of the natural order of degrading organics and do not disrupt that natural process.

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