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Septic Systems

Enhance Septic System Performance with Orb-3 Drain Enzymes!

Reliable and cost effective Orb-3 Drain Enzymes is the septic solution that liquifies solids, reduces clogs and minimizes odors in septic tanks and mound septic systems. Our septic tank enzymes increase solids reduction to prevent drain field backups and maintains a healthy level of scum and sludge by digesting grease, food and personal waste. 

Use in your drains as well as pre-treat the water going into the septic system with Orb-3 Drain Enzymes.   

By accelerating the natural remediation process, Orb-3 Drain Enzymes is the safe chemical free solution for your septic system treatment.  

  • Accelerates breakdown of grease and odor causing contaminants
  • Prevents exceeding tank or mound capacity prematurely
  • Minimizes solids when pumping
  • Reduces buildup in drain field lines
  • Allows leach field to percolate
  • No caustics, Phosphates or solvents

Application Rates: 

Residential: 2oz per week for  systems under 1000 gallons. Mix with 1 gallon fresh water and add to system.

Private Utility / Commercial System: 8oz per week per 1000 gallons. Mix with 5 gallons of fresh water and add to system at low flow period or use a feed system to regularly add product.

Drain Field Cleaner: 20oz per 150 sq. ft. of drainfield area. Mix with 10 gallons fresh water and spray topically; then spray with water until soil is fully saturated. Repeat as needed.

Drain Maintenance: use to keep all drains free-flowing. See Orb-3 Drain Enzymes for drain maintenance application rates. 

For Optimum Results: Add product at night or at low usage times. Dilute with warm to lukewarm (105° – 115°F) water when possible. When starting with this product, jump start a system by adding a second dose in the first week. 


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