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Orb-3 Reclaim Restorer

SKU: T384-000-5G

Brand: Orb-3

Type: Orb-3 Specialty

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Orb-3 Reclaim Restorer can improve reclaim water separators, UV systems and ozone generators to more efficiently remove organics and odors from reclaim water.

Use for:
  • Reclaim Systems
  • Odor

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Easy to use, Orb-3 Reclaim Restorer provides an economical solution for water reclamation and reuse.

Orb-3 Reclaim Restorer employs enzymes and biodegradable surfactants to break the surface tension of reclaimed water at the molecular level so it becomes the tool to penetrate, grease, oil and hydrocarbons as well as organic matter. This degradation allows the system to regain it's efficiency and perform as it was originally designed.

Orb-3 Reclaim Restorer outperforms other reclaim additives and can be used regularly with a feed system to maintain reclaimed water quality. The result is a sustainable solution to clean odor-free water you can use and re-use.

Available in an enzyme-only formulation or with bacteria.

5-Gallon Pail

  • Volume: 5 Gallons
  • Ship Weight: 45 lb
  • Treats: 320,000 gallons of wastewater

15-Gallon Drum

  • Volume: 15 Gallons
  • Ship Weight: 134 lb
  • Treats: 960,000 gallons of wastewater

55-Gallon Drum

  • Volume: 55 Gallons
  • Ship Weight: 483 lb
  • Treats: 3,520,000 gallons of wastewater

275-Gallon Tote

  • Volume: 275 Gallons
  • Ship Weight: 2440 lb
  • Treats: 17,600,000 gallons of wastewater
Usage Rate

Apply at a rate of 2 – 4 ounces per 1000 gallons tank capacity daily. Calculate the total capacity of the reclaim system and add an additional 20% for added fresh make-up water.

For Best Results
  • Dose as directed Use an automatic feed system daily
  • Proper aeration or agitation will enhance product performance
  • Enzyme: Translucent amber liquid.
  • W/ Bacteria: Hazy amber liquid
Active Ingredients

Orb-3 Reclaim Restorer is a proprietary composition "not considered hazardous" under the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard CFR Title 29 1900.1200.

Shelf Life

Store this product out of direct sunlight in a cool dry area. For best results, use within 12 months.

pH As Shipped

3.8 – 4.2 @ 77° F (25° C)

HMIS Hazard Rating


  • TSCA Inventory Status: This product and/or all of its components are either included on or exempt from the TSCA Inventory of Chemical Substances.
  • DSL (Canada): This product and/or all of its components are either included on or exempt from the Domestic Substances List.
  • Economical formula safely revives reclaim water systems
  • Safe, non-corrosive solution
  • Improves the efficiency of existing reclaim system
  • Helps reduce algae, mold and mildew buildup
  • Reduces obnoxious odors
  • Can be used with any cleaning chemicals
  • Formulation w/ Bacteria includes specifically selected microbes help degrade organic contaminants that foul systems
Orb-3 Reclaim Restorer
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