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Clean water with Orb-3 Enzymes

Imagine A Day Without Water

Water is essential to our survival. For most, it’s as simple as turning on a faucet or pressing a button, but do we ever consider what lies beyond the plumbing connected to our sinks, showers, dishwashers, or washing machines? We rarely consider the source or the amount in which we use.

61percent of Americans rely on surface water for drinking IADWW
Water is either sourced via surface water or ground water. Two thirds (61%) of our water comes from surface water, which includes areas of land that rain and snow melt flow through like streams, rivers, and lakes. Surface watersheds supply our nation with the bulk of its water including water for drinking, agriculture, and manufacturing. Ground water (one third or 39% of water usage) is located in the soils and cracks in rock underground which is pumped from wells that are drilled into underground aquifers. Like surface water, ground water is used for drinking, agriculture, irrigation, and manufacturing.

Typically, a town or city will pump surface water from a nearby water source (river, lake, etc.).  This water can host an array of germs, solids, waterborne dirt, rotting plant bits and more. The water must be processed through a series of steps before sending it to your faucet for consumption.

The first step is to add coagulants (Koh-AG-yu-lunts) which are chemicals that cause solid bits to clump together. Although these solids may not hurt you, they cloud the water resulting in an unpleasant taste. By making these solid bits clump, they become larger making it easier to remove. Gently shaking or spinning of the water helps those clumps form. This process is called Flocculation.

Imagine a Day Without Water infographic

The water is then pumped into large tanks for a settling period. During this time the solid sediments begin to fall to the bottom. The cleaner water atop it then passes through membranes that filter out smaller contaminants. Finally, the water is treated with an ultra violet light or chemicals to kill harmful bacteria and viruses. The water is now ready to flow through pipes to homes throughout a community.

Great Lakes Bio Systems is committed to manufacturing products, like our Orb-3 Pool & Spa Enzyme products, using only water treated through a process called reverse osmosis. This technique removes contaminant in water by forcing the molecules through permeable membrane. Reverse osmosis reduces the number of chemicals added to the water.

Make an impact where you can and choose Orb-3 products to reduce your chemical footprint. 


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Pool Enzymes for sparkling clean pool water.

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Wastewater Treatment broad-based, non-bacterial enzyme with powerful non-ionic surfactants emulsify and cleave organic contaminants so they will not reform downstream.

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