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Free shipping for orders $24.95 and up!

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Happy Customers.

Excellent customer service and the compressor worked perfectly

I hope we have this compressor for many years to far so good!

Josh L.

Thank you for all of your help with this.

Thank you for all of your help with this. I will send pics as soon as it is done. I really appreciate that. Putting it up on your website would be really nice.

Ron A.

Outstanding Product and Service!

One gallon treats our 1.5 acre pond for about one month. The best product and the VERY best company we have ever bought pond products from.

James D.

this ORB 3 is fantastic stuff

I really appreciate having good partners like you, it makes things much more enjoyable. Here are the pictures you requested, and Thank You again for the sample, this ORB 3 is fantastic stuff.

Mike D.

Works like phosphate remover!

Our pool is surrounded by southern Bermuda grass and hey fields. Used to struggle with algae because of all the organic dust that lands on the pool after mowing the grass. The dust settles on the pool floor creating algae. The Polaris and salt pool filter are not enough to prevent nor kill the algae. The only thing that worked for me is the phosphate remover which is an expensive chemical. I finally decided to try this enzymes, I have been using them for over a month, the water stays clean and clear!


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