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Water lilies floating on blue pond water

Let’s Talk Pond Dye… 5 Benefits of Pond Dye

5 Benefits of Using Pond Dye

Have you ever wondered why some people choose to use pond dye in their pond? Of course, aesthetically, it’s a great way to go, but there are actually other huge benefits as well. 

What is the purpose of pond dye?

Using a quality pond dye limits sun exposure, protects fish, and promotes a balanced ecosystem in your pond or lake! 
  • Pond dye acts as sunglasses for your pond water - this restricts the sun's rays, impedes photosynthesis, and minimizes algae growth, especially blue-green and filamentous;
  • Moderates the temperature to keep water cooler during the hottest parts of the day; 
  • Minimizes sunburn of certain susceptible fish species; and 
  • Improves the aesthetics of the pond and property. 

Quality pond dyes are food-grade; once diluted and dispersed, there is no staining. (Wear gloves and an old shirt when applying the product.)  It is concentrated and it will stain when it's at full strength. 

Let’s talk Pond Dye…Save Those Fish!

Is pond dye safe for fish?

Pond dyes are safe for people, pets, fish, and aquatic plants (people, pets, and plants) and are designed for regular use as a less aggressive tool to assist in pond water maintenance.

And BONUS!  It protects your fish.

Using a pond dye will keep your water cooler, allowing your fish to breathe easier, especially in the warmer months. Remember, when the temperature of the water rises, dissolved oxygen levels are greatly reduced. Our fish need that oxygen. 

Predators! Flying above or lurking along the sides, using a pond dye makes it much more difficult for predators to see your fish, giving them a greater chance to escape to safety.

Orb-3 Lake & Pond Dye offers an ultra-concentrated formula available in 3 colors:

* Blue Lagoon provides a "natural blue" color.

* Black Orchid offers a dark, reflective tint.

* Moonlight creates a dark blackish-blue appearance.

To figure out how much pond dye to use, read our ecoBlog How do I figure out how much water is in my pond? Then calculate the amount of pond dye needed. One quart treats one acre of water 3' to 6' deep.

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