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Using Orb-3 a retention pond health has been restored

Case Study: Fire Restoration


On July 12, 2002 a fire burned over 40% of large printing house to the ground - spreading inks, paper and fire fighting residue into the local field and their retention ponds. Strong odors from the fire and chemicals permeated the air as well as all remaining structures.

Lagoon before fire


Lagoon after fire burned


Using the Orb-3 safe and effective approach, pond health has been restored and they are teeming with wildlife.

Treatment Objectives

  • Control the odor that remained on the buildings, ground and retention ponds.
  • Remediate ash, ink and a 4 foot thick layer of paper residue in the retention ponds and ultimately restore water quality to a safe level for aquatic life and animals.
  • Prevent residue from further polluting neighbors or the groundwater traveling to the neighbors.
  • Complete these objectives using a safe, natural and cost-effective solution while minimizing long-term liability.

The treatment system took a four-pronged approach: aeration, bacteria, nutrients and enzymes.

Chemistry Used

Orb-3 Multi-Purpose Enzyme Cleaner was sprayed around the buildings and paved parking lots to further breakdown smoke odors in the immediate area where the fire discharge water ran. This was done before Orb-3 Lake & Pond enzyme and bacteria treatments and aeration had begun.

Treatment of the retention ponds using Orb-3 Professional Enzymes began on August 16th, 2002. Orb-3 Professional Dry Bacteria augmentation started on September 3, 2002 at weekly intervals. Two initial applications of Orb-3 Trace Mineral Organic Catalyst (TMOC) were added in addition to the above first two weeks. Enzyme and bacteria augmentation continued for 13 weeks at weekly intervals until water temperatures dropped less than 40°F.

Equipment Used

Twister™ TA22 diffusers were chosen for high oxygen transfer, mixing and energy efficiency. 18 were installed in the northwest pond and 22 went into the east pond. Two 15 HP blowers powered the system. The output of each TA22 diffuser was approximately 10 SCFM.

Orb-3 Multi-Purpose Enzyme Cleaner was sprayed to breakdown smoke odors


After using Orb-3 Multi-Purpose Enzyme Cleaner for the initial wash/spray down of salvageable structures, concrete and the surrounding soil, the “choking” smell was greatly diminished and the high cement walls could be used to rebuild the new addition.

After two months, the ponds were restocked and the Orb-3 Lake & Pond treatment achieved noticeable improvements in the retention ponds.

One year later, the reconstruction had been completed and the site was restored to normal. Since using the Orb-3 Products, there has been no residual smoke odor on the grounds or in the buildings. The ponds are back to their original, healthy state with fish and large aquatic plants in the northwest pond and no ink, ash or paper residue in the east pond.

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