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Phosphate Reducer Concentrate | Aquaculture

SKU: D953-000-20L
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Phosphorus Reducing Concentrate (PO4 Reducer) is a powerful product that is designed to deliver a measurable PO4 reduction while brightening pond water and reducing harmful algae populations.

Algae control is achieved when phosphorus, a major food source for algae, is naturally bound to the active ingredient in the product, making it inactive.


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This PO4 reducer formula outperforms standard clay and aluminum phosphorus control products by naturally tying phosphates to the active ingredient. 

Phosphate Reducer Concentrate attracts and flocculates the ortho- phosphates and binds them. Once bound it is no longer in a form that can cause or fertilize algal blooms.

  • Reduces ortho-phosphate compounds in water for maximum control of algal population.
  • Maintains alkalinity and pH balance while reducing phosphate levels
  • Safe for use in active ponds containing animals in culture.

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20L Pail

Volume: 20L

Ship Weight: 61 lbs


60L Drum

Volume: 60L

Ship Weight: 181.5 lbs


200L Drum

Volume: 200L

Ship Weight: 602 lbs


1000L Tote

Volume: 1000L

Ship Weight: 3040 lbs



  • Apply weekly or as necessary at 0.1ppm or 1L/hectare of pond, from 31st day of culture until harvest.
  • Mix the dosage with water at a ratio of 1:100 then broadcast to pond.
  • Keep aeration running for at least 6 hours after application. Apply in early morning.

Note: Safe to apply a double-dose if necessary during intense algal blooms and die-offs.
DO NOT apply this product during pond preparation stage as this will delay algae bloom. 

Request more detailed instructions from GLB or from your dealer.  

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How often should we use PO4 Reducer and at what dose? + -

Phosphate Reducer Concentrate is suggested for use weekly when feed consumption is high, typically in the middle and end of the crop cycle. High feed consumption results in runaway algae bloom. Typical dosage would be 0.1ppm or 1L/hectare of pond. 

If algae density is too high, can we double-dose? + -

Yes. Double-dosing gives double benefit, and it is safe to use even when animals are in culture. 

Phosphate Reducer Concentrate does not cause a drop in pH like other products in the market. 

How does this Phosphate Reducer Concentrate work in aquaculture ponds? + -

The PO4 Reducer is a highly concentrated formulate that reacts with ortho-phosphates in aquaculture pond water. The product removes the ortho-phosphates so they are no longer a nutrient source for algae formation and growth. 

PO4 Reducer does not negatively affect pH or alkalinity and is safe for regular use after the first 31 days of culture. 


Effective algae control is achieved when phosphates from shrimp feed are tied up and unable to fertilize algae. PO4 Reducer naturally renders phosphates in water inactive. 

This concentrate product attracts, flocculates and binds the ortho-phosphates. Once bound it is no longer in a form that can cause or fertilize algal blooms. As a side benefit, it causes no decrease in alkalinity, nor a dangerous drop in pH as with many other PO4 reducers. 

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Handling and Storage:

Apply only as intended. Though this product is non-toxic and nonhazardous, it is not suitable for human consumption. The manufacturer assumes no liability, expressed or implied, in the use of this product. 

Store this product out of direct sunlight in a cool (under 38° C) dry area. For best results, use within 24 months. Request a Phosphate Reducer Concetrate SDS for more specific information.

Made in the USA.

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