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IRB800 | Iron Pyrite Removal Bacteria

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IRB800 is a concentrated product with a unique species of bacteria that is proven to remove excess iron pyrite contamination in aquaculture ponds.

Excessive levels of pyrite have long been associated with low productivity and crop failure in fish and shrimp culture. In aquaculture, the excessive levels of pyrite negatively affect the respiratory health of animals. Pyrite clogs gills, causing poor oxygen absorption, and hence slow growth, increased stress and mortalities.


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IRB800 is a laboratory-fermented Bacillus spp in a rich mineral amino acid carrier intended for remediation to remove excess pyrites in pond water and soils.

IRB800 bacteria breaks down pyrite compounds and releases elemental iron (from pyrites) which is then taken up by algae for speedy replication (or bloom). Pyrite mitigation in culture ponds using IRB800 will eliminate Clogged Gill Syndrome and as a side benefit, a stable algae population. 

  • Dry concentrated pyrite removing bacteria (low dose, low-cost)
  • Promotes rapid healthy algae blooms reducing stress & increasing pond waters nutritional values
  • Maximum oxygen absorption efficiency in animals when coupled with optimum aeration, resulting in increased growth rates
  • Achieves higher production volume and retains pond sustainability over many cycles

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18.18-kg Pail

Ship Weight: 19 kg

Pails per Pallet: 36-40


22.73-kg Bag

Ship Weight: 23.5 kg

Bags per Pallet: 44


1-Metric Ton Pallet 

Bag Count: 44

Ship Weight: 1050 kg



Application Recommendations:
IMPORTANT: This product contains 4.0 x 10^8 cfu / g

Pond Preparation: 500g – 1kg per hectare

Pond Maintenance: 150g – 300g per hectare per week

Special Instructions - Aquaculture
• Dosages based on a one hectare pond one meter deep need to be adjusted accordingly.

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I have rust stains in my pond equipment, and even in my toilet tank at the farm. Will this product remove these stains? + -

With enough dosing and contact time, these rust stains will be digested by IRB800. As with other biological products, IRB800 performance is limited by contact with disinfectants, antibiotics or residues from these additives.

How common are pyrites in aquaculture? + -

Since most aquaculture farms are located in coastal and mangrove areas, pyrite occurrence happens in almost 100% of all farms.

How do I know if my pond pyrite level needs mitigation? + -

Most ponds have a pyrite problem, whether the pyrite levels are visually apparent or not. 

If your pond water is colored red or rusty at pond preparation or at the beginning of the crop, if your algae blooms are slow to materialize, if your pond experiences frequent algae crashes or if your shrimp are slow to grow, have clogged gills or show stress swimming or are moribund, your pond needs IRB800.


IRB800 is a laboratory-fermented dedicated beneficial bacteria to remove excessive levels of pyrite associated with low productivity in fish and shrimp culture.

Pyrite is a common iron sulfide material found in most aquaculture sites especially tropical coastal areas and mangrove ecosystems. Untreated pyrites in ponds results in chronically low yields and even total loss.

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Fact Sheet: Mechanics of Pyrite Elimination [ link ]

Use of IRB800 for Pyrite Elimination in Ponds [ link ]

Apply only as intended. Though this product is non-toxic and nonhazardous, it is not suitable for human consumption. The manufacturer assumes no liability, expressed or implied, in the use of this product. Store this product out of direct sunlight in a cool (under 38° C) dry area. 

For best results, use within 24 months. Request IRB800 SDS for more specific information.

Made in USA.

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