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AMC500 | Amino Acid Complex for Pond Water Treatment

SKU: H521-000-20L
Type: SFS

For use in low- or high-density aquaculture farming, AMC500 amino acid complex is designed to degrade organics in pond water where excess agitation, aeration or turbulence exists.

Through this natural biodegradation process, AMC500 controls the excess nutrient load and minimizes the malodors associated with it. 


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AMC500 stimulates and promotes faster replication of beneficial bacteria populations which are instrumental in maintaining the optimum environmental balance during the entire crop cycle. 

  • Removes pond scum and sludge build up
  • Reduces harmful ammonia
  • Maintains good soil fertility
  • Achieves a balanced pond environment

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20L Pail

Volume: 20L

Ship Weight: 48 lbs


60L Drum

Volume: 60L

Ship Weight: 143.5 lbs


200L Drum

Volume: 200L

Ship Weight: 474 lbs


1000L Tote

Volume: 1000L

Ship Weight: 2394 lbs



For Use in Hatchery Tanks:
3.0 to 5.0ppm. Frequency 1X/week or if needed up to 3X/week
Mix recommended dose with 15L tank water, apply evenly over tank surface.

For Use in Ponds: 0.10 – 0.30 ppm. Frequency 1X/week or if needed up to 3X/week Mix recommended dose with 100L pond water, apply evenly over pond surface.
IMPORTANT: Use the lower end dose at beginning of cycle, then adjust up as shrimp grow, especially if stocking densities are higher. 

For Use in Pond Prep: 2L/hectare of pond water.
Mix dose with 200L of water/hectare and spray on soil or liner 10 days before stocking.
Repeat dose on new culture water 5 days before stocking. Do not combine with disinfectants.

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Is AMC500 effective at reducing pond scum and sludge? + -

Yes, AMC500 limits the accumulation of sludge by accelerating the digestion of uneaten feed & feces.

Is AMC500 effective at reducing toxic ammonia and other toxic gases? + -

Yes, AMC500 accelerates the reproduction of beneficial bacteria limiting the build up of toxic gases such as ammonia.


AMC500 is a concentrated formula that employs non-bacterial broad-spectrum amino acids, trace minerals and select low foaming surface tension modifiers for use in water treatment where excess agitation, aeration or turbulence exists. The proprietary amino acid complex in this product emulsifies organics in the substrate without excessive detergency.

This enables the natural biodegradation process of excess nutrient loading, other organics and the malodors associated with them. AMC500 is designed for low- or high-density aquaculture farming.

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Special Instruction - Aquaculture

  • Dosages based on a one hectare pond one meter deep.
  • Adjust accordingly based on the depth or size of the pond.
  • Deteriorating water parameters may require more frequent treatments than weekly.
  • Apply only when culture animals are healthy and are not being medicated.
  • Maintain maximum aeration for 4 hours and regular aeration for the next 24 hours.
  • Monitor oxygen levels at all times.
  • Maintain healthy water and soil conditions; use LWT, LWTB or DWTB, IRB, DTM or LTM

Handling and Storage:

Apply only as intended. Though this product is non-toxic and nonhazardous, it is not suitable for human consumption. The manufacturer assumes no liability, expressed or implied, in the use of this product. 

Store this product out of direct sunlight in a cool (under 38° C) dry area. For best results, use within 24 months. Request a AMC500 SDS for more specific information.

Made in the USA.

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