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Wiggle Worm Earthworm Castings

SKU: V413-000-15BX1

Brand: Wiggle Worm

Type: Orb-3 Specialty

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Top quality Vermicast. Organic Fertilizer. Compost & Soil Builder. OMRI Certified.
Organic Fertilizer for:
  • Traditional Gardens
  • Raised Bed Gardens
  • Flower Pots
  • Beds
  • House Plants
  • Lawns
  • Trees
  • Casting Tea
  • Compost Piles

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Looking for an easy, organic way to improve the health & vitality of your plants?

Worm castings are an odorless means to condition your soil in an organic and natural way to provide your plants with the nutrients they need, when they need them.

Worm castings promote lush plant growth. Research shows that compared to the soil itself, worm castings are higher in bacteria and organic matter, total and nitrate nitrogen, exchangeable calcium and magnesium, available phosphorus and potassium, pH and percentage base saturation and cation exchange capacity.

Earthworm castings contain rich proportions of water soluble nutrients. This is a primary reason for being able to provide incredible results. Wiggle Worm Soil Builder allows plants to quickly and easily absorb all essential nutrients and trace elements. This is possible because the earthworm grinds and uniformly mixes the nutrients and trace elements in simple forms, so plants need only minimal effort to obtain them. This is not the case with most other natural fertilizers. Though they may have many nutrients and/or higher analyses, the ability of plants to optimally use them is limited because they are not broken down to the degree in which the earthworm is able to provide them.

15-Pound Bag

  • Volume: 0.5 cubic ft (approx)
  • Ship Weight: 16 lb

30-Pound Bag

  • Volume: 1 cubic ft (approx)
  • Ship Weight: 32 lb
N-P-K Rating


Guaranteed Analysis
  • Total Nitrogen (N) 1%
  • 0.1% Water Soluble Nitrogen
  • 0.9% Water Insoluble Nitrogen
  • Calcium (Ca) 1%
  • Iron (Fe) 0.2%

Earthworm Castings

  • Excellent for indoor or outdoor plants - houseplants, vegetables, flowers, hydroponics, raised bed or traditional gardens, and more!
  • Naturally Organic & Odor Free. OMRI listed. No perfumes or scents added or chemically removed.
  • Will not burn, at any concentration. Even the most delicate seed or bedding plant is safe.
  • Improves soil structure & aeration.
  • Adds significant beneficial microbial and bacterial activity
  • High availability of nutrients

Is this genuine Wiggle Worm product in an actual Wiggle Worm bag?

The product you receive will be exactly as is shown in the picture. These are genuine Wiggle Worm castings, manufactured according to Unco's strict quality control standards. We order in volume & keep large amounts in-stock so we can ship to you quickly.

What makes Wiggle Worm castings consistently superior?
Unco, manufacturer of Wiggle Worm, is the leader in earth-worm and casting production in the country today. The system that they use is a result of many years of research and experimentation. There are major differences in the way they approach production versus many others in the industry.

Unco has developed a system that applies strong manufacturing principles to ensure both quality and consistency. The bedding and feed supplies have remained the same for over a decade. Due to their production techniques and harvesting methods, they can provide PURE earthworm castings with no impurities such as undigested bedding materials, stones, straw, and worm eggs. Their multi-screening process eliminates eggs without the need for heat or other sterilization processes, which can kill beneficial bacteria and microbes.

Earthworm castings can provide performance above and beyond that of conventional fertilization methods for all plants. At the same time, it is completely safe to all plants, animals and people in any concentration.

How much Wiggle Worm should I use?
The good news is that Wiggle Worm castings are safe at any concentration, however here are some guidelines to help you with planning:

  • Vegetables and Annual Flowers - Line bottom and sides of plant holes and seed furrows with 1"-2" of earthworm castings. Set seeds or plants in place and cover with soil. Side dress during growing seasons at a rate of 1/2 cup per plant or 1 cup per linear foot of row once every 2 months.
  • Perennials - Work 1/2 cup Earthworm castings into the soil above their root zone taking care not to damage shallow roots. Apply in spring, early summer and early fall.
  • Potted Plants and Seeds/Seed Flats-New - Potting mix-use 1 part Earthworm castings to 3 parts soil.
  • Potted Plants, Window Boxes or Hanging Baskets- Established - Add 1-2 inches of Earthworm castings to top of soil. Mix in taking care not to damage shallow roots - water - repeat every 2-3 months.
  • Roses, Trees, Shrubs and Berries - New or freshly transplanted - Mix 1 part Earthworm castings to 3 parts soil. Surround newly dug hole with mixture. Spread roots over a mound of the mix in the hole and cover.
  • Roses - Established - Mix 4 cups of earthworm castings into soil 2-3 inches below the surface for each plant.
  • Lawns - New - Apply 10 lbs. per 100 sq. ft. Work lightly into the topsoil. Mix in grass seed and water well.
  • Lawns - Established - Distribute as top dress 10 lbs. per 100 sq. ft.
  • Casting Tea - Soak 1 part castings in 3 parts water for 12-24 hours. Stir well and water as usual. Casting tea is excellent for fruiting, flowering or difficult to access potted plants.
  • Compost Piles - Spread a thin layer of earthworm castings between each new layer of material to be composted.

How many cubic feet are in 30 lbs of Wiggle Worm Castings?
Short answer: about one cubic foot

Long answer: Some soil amendments are sold by the pound and others are sold by volume (i.e. cubic feet or quarts). This can make it tricky to know what you are getting.

Moisture levels, compaction, and other variables can vary, which affects the density of the product. This makes it difficult to convert between weight and volume as two different bags of product with the same volume could have slightly different weights or vice-versa.

We sell by weight so that it is easy to validate that you are getting what you pay for. However if you need to estimate volume to figure out what you need, one 30-pound bag contains roughly one cubic foot of castings.

Do they smell?
No, Wiggle Worm castings are naturally odor free.

Can I use worm castings in place of soil?
The worm castings work best as an additive to soil, rather than a replacement. We've had best results using the castings in the range of 20% - 25% of the total soil volume.

If you want to create your own soil mix, a popular mix is 1/3 peat moss, 1/3 horticultural grade vermiculite, and 1/3 "compost".

The "compost" portion can be mostly worm castings but should include other sources of organic compost - bat guano, composted fruits & vegetables, etc. What you're looking for is a vast array of different foods for the plant so it can take what it needs to thrive.

Peat moss is usually pretty easy to find at your local garden or home improvement store, but vermiculite can sometimes be difficult to find locally. Perlite will also work in place of the vermiculite, and is easier to find, but vermiculite will do a better job of aerating the soil & retaining moisture and is worth the extra effort to find it.

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