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Orb-3 Aeration MixAir Self-Sinking Aeration Hose

SKU: D630-250-25FTR

Brand: Great Lakes Bio Systems

Type: Aeration Hose & Tubing

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No unsightly bricks or other weights necessary - this hose sinks to the bottom by itself. Create a clean install & save time at installation!
Use for:
  • Pond Aeration
  • Water Re-circulation
  • Ice Clearing / De-icing
  • Wastewater Lagoons
  • Fish hatcheries
  • Septic Tanks

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Inside Diameter (ID)



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Weighted tubing is designed for use in pond aeration systems, to carry air between the pump and the diffusers. Made to work in all weather, even the cold, self-sinking hose will provide many years of service. Due to its weight, it will not float and requires no added weights during installation. Installation is easy and quick, compared to non-weighted tubing which requires added weights to keep it down


High density flexible PVC

Minimum Bend Radius
  • 3/8" ID: 3"
  • 1/2" ID: 4"
  • 5/8" ID: 5"
  • 3/8" ID x 0.678" OD
  • 1/2" ID x 1.0" OD
  • 5/8" ID x 1.12" OD

UV Resistant

Maximum Pressure

50 psi


1 year

  • The simplest way to get air to your diffusers without ruining the aesethics of your pond.
  • Virtually invisible once it is connected and in place.
  • Extremely durable, does not kink and remains flexible even in cold weather.
  • This inside of the tubing has a smooth bore finish so there is less resistance which makes your aeration system more efficient.
  • Allows for easier installation, placement and maintenance of diffusers without the hassle of bricks and ties to keep tubing in place.

Will this work in salt water? How about a retention pond or wastewater lagoon?
Yes. MixAirTech Sinking Hose is suitable for any aquatic environment including freshwater, salt water, wastewater or retention ponds.

What diameter hose should I purchase?
Larger tubing creates less friction & reduces back pressure.

Smaller diameter tubing works well for short, shallow runs; however as the length and/or number of diffusers increases, you will want to increase the diameter of the hose.

Does MixAir Sinking hose kink?
No. MixAir Sinking hose does not kink. It remains flexible in a wide range of temperatures and is designed to be maintenance-free while greatly reducing installation time.

Does MixAir Sinking Hose contain any metals?
No. All MixAir Sinking Hose is safe and metal free. It is specifically designed for & safe to use in ponds.

Can I use standard poly air tubing for some of the install?
Yes. Some installers will use less expensive tubing on shore and/or in the ground, and then switch to weighted tubing when they reach the water.

You can connect the different types of tubing with an appropriately-sized hose barb fitting and set of clamps from your local hardware store.

Can I bury MixAir sinking hose?
Yes. MixAir sinking hose is durable & it is a relatively common practice to bury hose between the compressor/manifold & diffusers.

Will the hose freeze up in the winter?
The hose itself will function fine in freezing temperatures, however if there is condensation or standing water in the line that can be problematic.

How deep should I bury the hose?
We recommend burying it below the frost line in your area - this prevents problems if standing water & condensation should form in the line during freezing temperatures.

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