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MixAir Ornamental OB1 Weighted Pond Diffuser Aerator Air Stone

SKU: A977-000-1E

Brand: MixAir

Type: Aeration Diffusers

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With a built-in ballast, MixAir Ornamental™ OB1 Diffuser is an all-in-one fine bubble diffuser ideal for tanks or small ponds.
Use for:
  • Diffuser / Aerator
  • Turnover / Mixing


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Use the MixAir Ornamental OB1 for small backyard ponds, odd shaped alcoves in ponds or in small tanks. Fill the built-in ballast completely with pea gravel before placing it where you want to improve your water.

The Ornamental OB1 is a fine bubble diffuser that both aerates and mixes in one efficient device. It is designed to generate dissolved oxygen throughout a water column to accelerate inversion or turnover which keeps water fresh.

The OB1 works 24/7 to improve water clarity, stimulate biological activity and provide continuous mixing at a lower power consumption with the benefit of aerating at the same time.

  • Dimensions: 8.75" L x 7.8" W x 3.2" H
  • Weight: 1.25 lbs
SCFM Range

0.375 - 1.125

Minimum Depth

1 foot


Schedule 40/80 PVC, UV inhibited

Fitting Size

1/2" FNPT


0.85" O.D. patent protected compound extrusion

  • 1/2" MNPT fitting for airline
  • Compressor sized to deliver desired PSI and SCFM
Minimum Operating Depth

1 foot

Active Surface Area

48 sq in

Linear Lift


Flow Interference



1 year

  • Construction: Schedule 40/80 PVC, UV inhibited
  • Membrane: 0.85" O.D. patent protected compound extrusion
  • SCFM Range: 0.375 - 1.125
  • Minimum Operating Depth: 1'
  • Flow Interference: 0.85"
  • Active Surface Area: 48 sq in
  • Linear Lift: 36"

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