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MixAir Air Stone Replacement SRB6 Aeration Diffuser

SKU: B058-000-1E

Brand: MixAir

Type: Aeration Diffusers

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The MixAir Stone Replacement™ SRB6 Diffuser is an economical replacement for typical ceramic stones.

Use for:
  • Diffuser / Aerator
  • Turnover / Mixing


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Use the MixAir Stone Replacement SRB6 diffuser in ornamental water gardens and small tanks to improve water quality. It is also an ideal replacement for ceramic stones.

The Stone Replacement SRB6 is a fine bubble diffuser that both aerates and mixes in one efficient device. It is designed to generate dissolved oxygen throughout a water column to accelerate inversion or turnover which keeps water fresh. It features 6 inches of active aeration membrane, with a total length of 8.5 inches. Connects to your system with a 1/2-inch FNPT fitting.

The SRB6 works 24/7 to improve water clarity, stimulate biological activity and provide continuous mixing at a lower power consumption with the benefit of aerating at the same time.

  • Dimensions: 8.5"L x 0.9" dia.
  • Weight: 0.1 lb
SCFM Range

0.125 - 0.375

Minimum Depth

6 inches


HDPE, UV inhibited

Fitting Size

1/2" FNPT


0.85" O.D. patent protected compound extrusion

  • 1/2" MNPT fitting for airline
  • Compressor sized to deliver desired PSI and SCFM
Minimum Operating Depth

6 inches

Active Surface Area

16 sq in

Linear Lift


Flow Interference



1 year

  • Construction: Schedule 40/80 PVC, UV inhibited
  • Membrane: 0.85" O.D. patent protected compound extrusion
  • SCFM Range: 0.125 - 0.375
  • Minimum Operating Depth: 6"
  • Flow Interference: 0.85"
  • Active Surface Area: 16 sq in
  • Linear Lift: 12"

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