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  • Ideal for both ponds and water gardens
  • Eats away at organic sludge buildup on pond or beach bottoms
  • Visible results in as little as 7-10 days
  • Achieves quick results in targeted areas without dredging
  • Cost effective dredging alternative
  • Biodegradable pellet
  • Naturally eliminates odor-causing muck on beaches
  • Reduces sludge bed without the use of heavy equipment
  • No gypsum fillers

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1-Pound Canister

Ship Weight: 1.2 lb

Treats: 333 square feet of pond bottom


10-Pound Pail

Ship Weight: 12.5 lb

Treats: 3,333 square-feet of pond bottom


25-Pound Pail

Ship Weight: 29 lb

Treats: 8,333 sq ft (0.2 acres) of pond bottom


50-Pound Bag

Ship Weight: 55 lb

Treats: 0.4 acres of pond bottom



Usage Rate

3 lbs per 1000 sq ft or 125 lbs per surface acre


Broadcast pellets uniformly over area to be treated. Use weekly in water gardens, and monthly or seasonally depending on sludge depth and age in ponds.

For Best Results

  • Increase application frequency for faster results
  • Apply when ambient temperature is 50°–90° F; dissolved oxygen level is over 1.0ppm; pH is 6 – 8; alkalinity is less than 100ppm
  • Proper aeration will enhance product performance
  • Never commingle with bactericides or quaternary disinfectants as they will degrade / inactivate bacteria.


Tan pellet

Active Ingredients

Orb-3® Lake & Pond Sludge Pellets is a proprietary composition “not considered hazardous” under the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard CFR Title 29 1910.1200

Shelf Life

Store this product out of direct sunlight in a cool dry area. For best results, use within 12 months. Never commingle with bactericides or quaternary disinfectants, as they will degrade / inactivate bacteria.

HMIS Hazard Rating



  • TSCA Inventory Status: This product and/or all of its components are either included on or exempt from the TSCA Inventory of Chemical Substances.

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Will Orb-3 Sludge Pellets help me clear up the water / improve my water clarity? + -

Yes - over time - however you may achieve clearer water faster by choosing a different Orb-3 product.

Orb-3 Sludge Pellets are designed to reduce the muck/sludge layer at the bottom of the pond. This is the smelly black, tar-like substance that accumulates from fish wastes, decaying leaves, and other organics that find their way into the pond.

This muck layer does contribute to cloudy water and it provides nutrients for algae and other organisms that can reduce water clarity; so over time eliminating the muck layer will help clear the water. This is an important component of long-term pond management.

However, for faster results, choose a product that is designed to treat the water column itself, such as Orb-3 Lake & Pond Enzymes; or for newer ponds, give the microbial life in the pond a kick start by adding Orb-3 Lake & Pond Bacteria.

Will Orb-3 Sludge Pellets harm fish or other wildlife? + -

No, the ingredients in Orb-3 Sludge Pellets will not harm fish or other wildlife when used as directed.

As with any microbial-based product, it is important to monitor Dissolved Oxygen (DO) levels when using this product - both to ensure the efficacy of the product and also to make sure that fish & other creatures have enough oxygen.

Will Orb-3 Sludge Pellets consume all of the sludge in the pond? + -

Orb-3 Sludge Pellets can only clear up organic sludge, it will not have any effect on the inorganic materials in the sludge bed.

Organic Sludge is comprised of items such as fish wastes, decaying leaves, grass clippings, and bird droppings.

Inorganic Sludge examples include sand, metals, rocks, and some types of "mud".

Why are the treatment guidelines provided in terms of surface area (square feet) instead of by volume (gallons)? + -

This product is designed to treat the black, tar-like muck/sludge bed that is at the bottom of most established ponds.

The pellets drive a potent combination of bacteria, enzymes, and trace minerals into the sludge layer and begin to consume the muck around the pellet.

The idea is to get the pellets applied as uniformly as possible at the bottom of the pond.

Since you are treating the bottom of the pond, not the water itself, the important factor is how many square feet of pond bottom you are treating, not how much water is actually in the pond.

If you are treating a large body of water, you can effectively treat small sections as well - such as those around docks, beaches, or swimming areas.

Is this product cost-effective for treating larger ponds? + -

For small backyard water features you can likely treat the entire water body with a reasonable budget.

However for larger bodies of water, pond owners typically restrict their application of Orb-3 Sludge Pellets to the main areas of use. For example, around docks, beaches, and swimming areas.

The product will treat these smaller sections of the pond very effectively if the environment is friendly to microbial life (neutral pH, good oxygenation, etc)

Why are trace minerals important to my lake or pond? + -

They improve the overall health & vitality of the beneficial bacteria that consume excess nutrients and clean the pond water. Read more in our blog: Why are trace minerals important to my lake or pond?

Where can I learn more about good pond management practices? + -

We recommend "The Efficient Pond Management Handbook" by Ryan McCaw.

This handbook is designed to give the average pond owner the knowledge and skills needed to manage the pond.

We like this book because it stresses a natural approach to pond management and a philosophy of solving the underlying problem rather than chasing symptoms.

Check with your local book seller or visit (

How important is air/aeration/oxygen to maintaining a healthy, natural pond? + -

Good aeration is probably the single most important factor in water quality and the overall health of your pond. Read more in our blog: How important is aeration to maintaining a healthy, natural pond?

How do I figure out how many gallons of water my pond holds? + -
How do I convert between gallons and acre-feet? What is an acre-foot? + -


Use Orb-3 Sludge Pellets! Orb-3 Sludge Pellets drive the active ingredients to the pond bottom so the muck-eating bacteria, enzymes, and trace minerals can go straight to work. The convenient Orb-3 Sludge Pellets make beach clean-up and natural sludge-bed maintenance easy, without mechanical dredging.

Orb-3 Sludge Pellets feature a potent combination of enzymes, specifically chosen strains of sludge-eating bacteria, and essential trace minerals to support microbial growth and vitality. The net result? Visible change in as little as 7-10 days.

Easy to dose and apply, Orb-3 Sludge Pellets provide continuous sludge management.

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