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DWTB800 | Dry Water Treatment Bacteria for Aquaculture Ponds

SKU: L828-000-18KG
Type: SFS

DWTB800 is a dry water treatment bacteria with fast growing, synergistic bacterial species that essentially revives pond water for the animals reared in it.

The fast-growing species in DWTB800 control ammonia, reduce suspended solids in the water column and inhibit sludge buildup, all supporting the growth of aquatic animals.


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DWTB800’s unique formulation triggers an exponential replication of beneficial bacteria populations which maintain optimum environmental balance in the pond. 

  • Digests leftover feed, fecal matter, and decaying organic waste and sludge
  • Maintains pH and accelerates waste breakdown
  • Suppresses pathogenic bacteria populations & lowers ammonia, nitrites, hydrogen sulfide & other toxic gases
  • Controls water turbidity and eliminates offensive odors

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18.18-kg Pail

Ship Weight: 19 kg

Pails per Pallet: 36-40


22.73-kg Bag

Ship Weight: 23.5 kg

Bags per Pallet: 44


1-Metric Ton Pallet

Bag Count: 44

Ship Weight: 1050 kg



Application Recommendations:
-- Hatchery tanks: Mix recommended dose with 15L tank water, apply evenly over tank surface Dose 0.5g/cubic meter. Frequency 1X/week or if needed up to 3X/week
-- Ponds: Mix recommended dose with 100L pond water, apply evenly over pond surface Grow out ponds: Dose 500g/hectare. Frequency 1X/week or if needed up to 3X/week
-- Pond soil: Mix recommended dose with 100L pond water and apply evenly over soil 1kg/hectare.

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How do DWTB800’s bacteria grow so rapidly? + -

The bacteria found in DWTB800 are blended on to a value-added carrier of essential minerals, trace elements and amino acids. This carrier dramatically speeds up the growth process allowing the bacteria to perform very quickly in comparison to competitive products.

Is it best to apply DWTB800 with LWT1000? + -

Yes, when applying both products together there is a special synergy that takes place which allows for quicker and more long-lasting performance.


DWTB800 is a synergistic composite of seven fast growing bacterial species, including three direct-fed microbial species blended into an enhanced carrier containing amino acids, trace minerals and micronutrients all essential to the growth of aquatic animals.

These strains are carefully chosen for their anti-vibrio qualities, vibrio strains being the most common and probably most lethal pathogenic bacteria in shrimp culture. The strains will likewise control ammonia and reduce suspended solids, sludge build-up and pond organic loading.

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Handling and Storage:

Apply only as intended. Though this product is non-toxic and nonhazardous, it is not suitable for human consumption. The manufacturer assumes no liability, expressed or implied, in the use of this product. 

Store this product out of direct sunlight in a cool (under 38° C) dry area. For best results, use within 24 months. Request a DWTB800 SDS for more specific information.

Made in the USA.

Special Instruction - Aquaculture

  • Dosages based on a one hectare pond one meter deep need to be adjusted accordingly based on the depth or size of the pond.
  • Deteriorating water parameters may require more frequent treatments than weekly.
  • Apply only when culture animals are healthy and are not being medicated.
  • Apply product in early morning or late evening, with vigorous aeration.
  • Maintain maximum aeration for 4 hours and regular aeration for the next 24 hours.
  • Monitor oxygen levels at all times.
  • Maintain healthy water and soil conditions; use LWT, LWTB or DWTB, IRB, DTM or LTM

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