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MixAir Check Valve Kit

SKU: A283-D6P-1E

Brand: MixAir

Type: Aeration Accessories

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MixAir™ Universal Connector Kit - Check Valve includes a check valve which connects diffuser to ballast and prevents back flow of water.
Use for:
  • Aeration Accessories


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The MixAir Universal Connector Kit - Check Valve connects a diffuser and ballast to prevent back flow of water into system and airline.

This kit includes:

* (1) check valve
* (1) ½" NPT short nipple
* (2) ¾"x ½"reducer bushings

Assembly Instructions:

1. Screw Reducer Bushings into Check Valve
2. Install between Diffuser and Ballast using Short Nipple, or if a Ballast is not being used then install between Diffuser and Sinking Hose

Important: arrow must point in the direction of the airflow.

Shipping Weight

1 lb


1 year

This kit includes
  • (1) check valve
  • (1) ½” NPT short nipple
  • (2) ¾” x ½” reducer bushings

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