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MixAir Aeration Diffuser Ballast

SKU: W734-G9K-1E

Brand: MixAir

Type: Aeration Accessories

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The versatile MixAir Ballast is designed to be filled onsite to variable weights as required to hold diffusers in place.
Use for:
  • Aeration Accessories

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MixAir Ballasts are made of sturdy PVC construction and are designed to be filled with pea gravel upon installation into a pond or basin.

This convenient hollow weight allows for flexible diffuser placement without the difficulty of weighting the diffuser and airline with bricks and zip ties. The MixAir Ballast has a built-in manifold and allows for flexible diffuser placement.

Choose between the small ballast or medium ballast.

The small ballast is designed to work with MixAir WBB2 and WBB4 diffusers.

The medium ballast is heavier and works with the MixAir WBB6 diffusers.

The large ballast is recommended for the MixAir TB16 diffuser.

Shipping Weight
  • Small Ballast: 1 lb
  • Medium Ballast: 2 lbs
  • Large Ballast: 6 lbs
  • Small Ballast: Schedule 40/80 PVC, UV inhibited
  • Medium Ballast: Schedule 40/80 PVC, UV inhibited
  • Large Ballast: Black Poly
Fitting Size
  • Small Ballast: 1/2" FNPT
  • Medium Ballast: 1/2" FNPT
  • Large Ballast: 1/2" FNPT and 3/4" FNPT Included.

1 year

  • Fill with pea gravel (not included) or other weight at time of install.
  • Requires 1/2" MNPT Fitting for diffuser connection (3/4" FNPT available on large model)

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