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What are trace minerals benefits in ponds

Why Are Trace Minerals Important To My Lake Or Pond?

Trace minerals and essential elements support a balanced biota in pond water.

Just like that small vitamin pill that you may take once daily, most ponds will benefit from even relatively small doses of trace mineral supplements, including iron, zinc, fluoride, selenium, copper, chromium, iodine, manganese, molybdenum and many more. 

This little dose is aimed at improving the beneficial pond bacteria's chances to operate at maximum efficiency. And those microbes are the cleanup crew for the bottom of the pond and the whole water column. For this to work, some chemical reactions that occur naturally while the bacteria consume nutrients can only happen in the presence of certain key trace minerals. 

Going back to basics like this is a natural approach to pond management and encourages the population of beneficial bacteria in your pond to consume the available or excess nutrients & starve out the algae and other unwanted plants in the water column - naturally.

Whether looking at a water body or the human body, the natural process of breaking down nutrients relies on the presence of vitamins & minerals to enable the necessary chemical reactions to occur.

Taking this a step further, most bodies are deficient in critical minerals, which becomes a limiting factor for good health - in essence preventing the body from operating at maximum efficiency. This is why we feel better when we take vitamins.

Similarly, trace minerals directly improve the vitality of the beneficial bacteria in the pond. They also directly enable many enzymatic reactions to occur during the breakdown of nutrients, whether you're adding a pond enzyme or relying on the enzymes produced by native bacteria.

So, these trace minerals and essential elements promote the overall health of the pond and promote clean, clear healthy water.

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