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Benefits To Aerating Your Pond

Aeration is the limiting factor for the natural ecosystem in any water body.  Aeration is quantified as dissolved oxygen or DO, and is the percentage of tiny bubbles that are entrained in the water column. This necessary oxygen saturation increases a water body's inherent ability to sustain aquatic life.

All life hinges on oxygen, so from the tiny organisms that serve as nutrients for small fish and aquatic plants; to worms, frogs, salamanders and water foul; to their predators as well as to the people and pets that play in that water body, oxygen provides life, vitality and the ability to grow.

Anaerobic pond Without it, the water and the organisms in it cannot withstand the environmental stressors that threaten them. Things like surplus runoff water, overuse of fertilizers, acid rain, organics such as bird feces, grass clippings and the glut of leaves that blow in, as well as high mid-day temperatures and beating sunshine all threaten the ecological balance.
Aerobic pond  With it, aeration stimulates the good bacteria in the pond to degrade organics and filter the pond water. These good bacteria eat the nutrients that would normally feed algae, so algal blooms are slowed. Aeration also minimizes the amount of decaying solids that fall to the bottom of the pond and become sludge and muck.
Orb-3 Twister diffuser pond aeration systemsAnother benefit of aerating a pond is to keep the water stratified by mixing it so the tiny bubbles reach the bottom of the pond and eliminate thermocline. More dissolved oxygen in summer months keeps fish healthy even though water temperature may rise. In winter months, oxygen in a pond that ices over is depleted before spring, so the aerator can increase fish respiration over the winter.

Choose energy-efficient, fine-bubble diffusers as a first step to stimulate biological activity, control excess nutrients and improve water clarity in your pond. 

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