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SECOH JDK-40 Linear Compressor with Alarm, 1.6 SCFM, 115V Air Aeration Pump


Brand: Secoh

Type: Pond Equipment -Air Compressor

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This 1.6CFM compressor for small ponds and septic applications includes a low pressure alarm that alerts you if it is not delivering air.


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Secoh has been manufacturing oilless diaphragm linear pumps since its foundation in 1966.

Secoh's JDK series features lower power consumption and increased airflow. Internal pump temperatures have been significantly lowered resulting in extended diaphragm life. JDK series are UL listed for outdoor operation.

Secoh diaphragm linear pumps have the following advantages:
* Completely oil free
* Compact & light construction
* Low vibration
* Very little pulsation
* Low Maintenance

The JDK series is supplied with a thermal overload protector for coil protection.

The pump must be installed above water level. If pump is set below, the back-flowing water can cause an electrical short circuit.

The working life of the pump depends on the operating conditions such as duty cycle, operating pressure or vacuum, ambient temperature, air quality, ventilation, maintenance, etc. In general, the cooler the pump is kept, the longer the service life.

Alarm is built-in: light and buzzer activate at pressures below 0.9 psig (+/- 10%). Conforms to NSF standard 40 requirements.

Also available without the low pressure alarm, part number JDK-40.
A repair kit is available for rebuilds, part number DR-KIT-JDK-20-40.

For a nice, clean installation, try using our MixAir Sinking Hose (self-sinking hose) between the compressor and your diffusers!